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5 surprising facts about alternative healing

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Reiki is one of those healing systems that confuses a lot of people because it appears mysterious. And it certainly is! Reiki uses energy fields that we can’t see with the naked eye, and to some, this means it is not a valid practice. Science would disagree with anyone that suggests that, as research has been conducted on Reiki for centuries. Today, scientists from international institutions and global entities like the CRR are publishing amazing results about the scientific benefits of Reiki every single day. Read on to see 5 Indisputable Facts about Reiki. 1. Reiki is a Global Healing Tool Reiki should never be used as your ONLY method of healing, but it is a supplemental method of healing that is known, recognized, and used in medical fields all over the world. This is one of the greatest benefits of Reiki because it is a Universal healing practice, it knows no language barriers and can help anyone of any culture in any walk of life. The International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) is the organization that establishes uniformity among the evolving practices, procedures, policies, and ethical standards of Reiki healing. The IARP boasts an incredibly diverse membership, including medical doctors, scientists, researchers – even preachers and ordained ministers. It is an organization that functions upon the science and spiritual healing of Reiki. The IARP defines the practice of Reiki as a “subtle and effective form of energy healing using spiritually-guided energy practices in every country of the world.” The IARP also reaffirms how Reiki is also practiced in hospitals and hospice centers all over the world, making it a medically recognized and accepted practice. 2. Reiki is Under Constant Study When it comes to Reiki, you can’t beat it when it comes to research. And that’s a great thing when you are looking for a healing method that is backed by science. Whether you use Reiki for spiritual purposes or to combat illnesses from migraines to depression, it is a wonderful benefit to Reiki that it is always being researched. Not only is it always being studied for its many benefits, but an entire research organization has been established to make sure the research is being done properly and published in the appropriate scientific journals. The Center for Reiki Research (CRR) has been around for decades to study Reiki exclusively and to educate the public on its effectiveness and its many benefits. Here you will find primary sources for the many benefits of Reiki that have all been peer-reviewed and published in literary journals. A recent study, the “Touchstone Process” has just undergone rigorous testing with academically acclaimed results citing Reiki and the CRR as the “best practices for scientific review.” So rest assured, Reiki is a tool in your toolbox with a wide body of research to back it up. 3. Reiki has Mental Health Benefits There are some physical conditions of the body that lead to emotional disturbances. Very often in the medical field, that means pharmaceutical treatment. But not everybody wants to take a pill when they have emotional disturbances or imbalances, and many people with mental health difficulties often seek alternative treatments in order to avoid anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication. One method of treatment in the mental health field that is being referred more and more frequently today is Reiki. Joe Potter is a researcher in this area who works out of the United Kingdom as a Reiki Master, and is a frequent publisher on Pub Med. He writes and investigates regularly on the many benefits of Reiki to those suffering from mental health conditions. From mild conditions to severe mental difficulties, Potter has uncovered and published a wide body of data that shows how effective Reiki is in treating mental health conditions. 4. Reiki Can Be Used for Pain Relief It’s one thing to say an alternative healing method brings pain relief, it’s another thing to prove it. This is an area of Reiki research that is constantly under evolution and progress, and exciting progress at that. Research has yet to determine the exact link between pain receptors and pain relief from Reiki healing, but that does not mean research has not discovered a very distinct correlative effect. In study after study, while researchers have been unable to determine exactly HOW it happens, they’ve found that Reiki provides almost instant pain relief to those suffering from long-term pain conditions. Reiki has been studied and practiced on everything from migraine sufferers to cancer patients, and found to be helpful in decreasing pain levels time and time again, after just one session! One study done by authors Singg and Dressen back in 1998 examined the effects of Reiki on cancer patients. Not only did the patients experience less pain after Reiki treatment, they also experienced decreased levels of depression, stress, and an improvement in their hours of sleep every night because they weren’t suffering from pain. With consistent use, these authors also found the same results in these patients 3 months later! 5. Reiki Improves Heart Health One of the biggest reasons people use Reiki when they are not using it for physical healing is for relaxation and de-stressing. This is an undisputed long-term benefit of Reiki that has many little side benefits in of itself. One of those side benefits of being less stressed overall is an improvement in health overall. People that use Reiki repeatedly also have a tendency to have lower blood pressure and slower heart rates. That being said, it would only make sense that heart health is better in people who practice Reiki. If you are less stressed, more relaxed, and have more stable vitals on a regular basis, then you are more likely to have a healthy heart as well. This isn’t just a common sense thing, this is something that has been proven by research as well. A group of doctors at Yale were curious about this in 2011 and conducted a study to see the effects of Reiki on heart attack patients. In a sample of a group of patients who had just had open heart surgery, half were given Reiki treatment while the other half weren’t. Guess which group healed the fastest and had the lowest return rate of heart attacks 3 years later? You got it. The Reiki group. That’s just one more scientific fact that proves the many long-term benefits of Reiki. It is great for your heart in so many ways. Not only will you be happier overall when you use Reiki, but your heart will actually be healthier as a result! Who doesn’t want to enjoy that benefit?

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